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Preliminary evaluation: we analyze both challenges and objectives along with your strengths and weaknesses to offer you the most efficient training plan to ensure Participants’ productivity, allowing them to obtain the best results from their training.

Personalization: all our business English exercises are geared towards improving Participants’ communication skills and we actively encourage students to modify their personalized learning plan to suit their specific needs.

Training and Development: we provide sector-specific training in key areas so that Participants can improve their performance as efficiently as possible. We offer a wide array of workshops and training modules, via which Participants can strengthen their use of grammar, specialist vocabulary and useful expressions, and provide them with the necessary tools to communicate effectively, improving their reading and listening comprehension and fluency.

Each Participant sets their own pace according to their individual needs, seeing real and meaningful results


Since 2006, BEO has worked with more than 3,000 senior managers from micro-companies, SMEs, multinationals and institutions. We specialize in the finance, investment banking, legal and pharmaceutical sectors.

We asked our clients for feedback, and this is what they had to say about us:

Luis Alonso García
ACR Senior Manager, Global Compliance.

“Having completed a six month course with BEO, I would highly recommend the experience. In contrast to courses I have done at other schools and on other courses, at BEO all content was fully adapted to my work needs. The vocabulary used was up-to-date with today’s market, incorporating financial, fiscal, and legal terms that have been very useful for me in my day-to-day work. Face-to-face lessons differ from traditional English lessons, focusing on developing communication skills, preparing presentations, holding meetings, etc., all important when working in a multinational environment. Furthermore, the website is equally focused on learning and developing financial and fiscal terms, with texts, comments and exercises to help you improve in these subjects, thereby making BEO stand out from other courses I have done in the past.”

Vicente Mena
Lawyer. Legal Services.

“BEO is the best option for those who want to improve their technical, economic, legal and/or business English. They are highly professional and their personal approach is unbeatable. Having tried a number of academies and teachers over many years, I can confirm that BEO stand head and shoulders above the rest.”

Fernando Vallejo
International Training and Development Director

“We have worked with BEO for the last four years, obtaining unbeatable results from courses tailored to teams of middle managers, as well as for a number of our of board members. BEOs team adapts to each student’s needs and focuses its efforts on attaining individual goals, providing a professional, efficient and practical service which can be seen directly and positively in work performance. At BEO there are no teachers, precisely because one of the areas in which they differ from peers is their Training Team. BEO has found a way to capture, retrain and retain a Senior Management Team that perfectly understands our Teams. In addition, their E-Learning space provides a simple, practical and easy way to track results at any given time. This simplifies things considerably for the Human Resources Department. The BEO experience is unlike that of any traditional academy or business training company which we have tried in the past.”

Senior Financial Analyst
Investor Relations Manager

“BEO is the only company with whom I have improved my business English efficiently and effectively. If I had to describe the company in one word, it would be anti-academy. The team and Blended methodology have helped me hold my own when speaking with international analysts about my department’s interests, giving me the tools, structures and expressions to enable me to communicate with greater ease, self-assurance, clarity and credibility. In class we simulated presentations and meetings similar to those in my everyday work, defending the bank’s stance, calculating ratios and analyzing the macroeconomic state of the Spanish market, etc. Having two trainers with experience in economics and finance really helped me get the most out of my courses. Real life, accredited experience is worth much more than a theoretical or traditional classroom approach in the banking sector. At BEO trainers really help to facilitate learning, and it is the Student who speaks, practices real-life role-plays and puts themselves out there to receive constructive feedback within a safe and confidential environment.”

Director of Human Resources

“Working with BEO is almost like hiring a group of experienced mentors able to maintain a high level of intellectual conversation. When you sign up with BEO you sign up for more than just the traditional business English training ingredients, such as grammar, business vocabulary and listening and reading comprehension. Their team is made up of former senior level managers with extensive professional experience, which sets them apart from all other English training consultants. The trainers themselves are on the same wavelength and are committed to helping Students meet challenges, helping them overcome anxieties and surpass their personal goals. The training materials available through the E-Learning platform are excellent and are perfectly adjusted to each team’s needs, reinforcing the use of language directly within their specific field of work, be it Human Resources, Finance, Legal and Tax, Project Management, etc. It is a pleasure to collaborate with a company who really understands the needs of our Teams, in order to assure a significant increase in their performance.”

Senior Lawyer. Legal Financial Services.
EY Abogados

“BEO’s professionalism and their high standard of English lessons were evident from the very first day. Thanks to trainers’ real life experience in leading companies, lessons are fully adapted to and focused on the professional environment, allowing me to use everything learnt in my day-to-day work life, both in meetings, as well as in conference calls and client presentations. Finally, I would note that the educational system used goes above and beyond standard English language learning, improving skills such as ease of communication, rapport with the audience and structuring of ideas.”

Manuel Asla
Marketing and Communications Director.

“BEO’s unique learning methodology ensures the retention of knowledge, vocabulary and useful expressions and also improves comprehension and speaking. It is the only provider that I have worked with that has a training team that is experienced in business. Trainers are all former senior managers, so they speak the language we use in our day-to-day work. The pragmatic approach focuses on results in the workplace and is supported by materials designed for each department to ensure success. The training is fully adapted to the specific needs of each individual, focusing efforts on the areas where it is needed most. BEO offers the best professional support to strengthen communication skills and gain fluency and confidence when communicating in business environments. A productive and efficient experience with a measurable ROI.”

Silvia Alonso Garcia
Senior Transaction Tax Manager.
EY Abogados

“BEO has been in charge of my English language training for the last three years and it has undoubtedly been the best training I have ever received. The classes are tailored to cater to students’ professional needs and are complemented with online materials - in my case, to my needs as a lawyer/tax adviser, and to my level, allowing me to work on the areas I need most in my day-to-day work. The teachers’ technical and personal qualities are second to none, as all of them are professionals with extensive business experience. This allows them to understand our professional needs in all aspects of our work (technical, communicative, social…) to perfection and with great empathy.

It has been a great pleasure to learn English with BEO and an unbeatable experience”.

Training and Development Director.

“If I had to summarize BEO’s skills and what makes them different from the rest, I would highlight the following: BEO’s flexibility and ability to adapt to all departments involved in the training and development process, from the Human Resources Department – to which BEO qualitatively and quantitatively reports each month – to the Directors of each area of the company – who validate the content of each course – and the Students – who set and monitor their goals and achievements. Secondly, the quality of their training materials, which are specific to each business area, and their training team who come from the business world and whose solid field experience adds a wealth of value. And finally, the way their equipment, method, IT systems and tools provide Students with a tangible ROI within development programs that they themselves validate, ensuring maximum performance within each student’s specific level.”

Félix Plasencia
Managing Partner. Law.

“BEO’s training is completely different to other language schools. The courses are extremely practical and are oriented towards professional life in a simple and efficient way. This translates into truly ‘bespoke’ learning: the content, methodology and trainers were all fully adapted to my specific interests and needs. This really added value and meant that the training quickly translated into a significant improvement in my vocabulary, comprehension and fluency. I am really pleased with the training I received from BEO.”

Igor Negueruela
Founder and General Director

“Despite having a solid knowledge of English before starting to learn with BEO, I felt somewhat uncomfortable speaking in a business environment, particularly when called on to make business presentations or proposals requiring the use of more technical English than I was used to, in Communications and Advertising. After just one course, I have been able to polish my grammar to make fewer mistakes, broaden my marketing and business vocabulary, and practice my listening skills, intonation and pronunciation. I have learnt and grasped many useful expressions to help me interconnect ideas; and the recorded simulations with real-time feedback have helped build my self-confidence when holding a conference call or a Skype meeting. I no longer tremble with fear every time I have to explain a concept or discuss a contractual clause with an English-speaking client, even when speaking on the phone. I would say that BEO provides tangible results and honors its commitment. I highly recommend it to all managers who feel uncomfortable with their level of professional English, as I once did.”

Verónica Gómez Rodrigo
Transaction Tax.

“BEO is, without a doubt, one of the best alternatives I have come across in trying to perfect my English. Their website allows students to improve and expand their grammatical knowledge, as well as practice listening & reading, and check what they have learned by completing tests. However, their dedication and commitment goes above and beyond, centering on each student’s specific needs. One of the most noteworthy areas is the ability to strengthen essential communication and fluency skills needed in the business world. In my opinion, both BEO’s method and experience and dedication are the their key strengths.”

María Jesús Moreno Berrocal
HR Consultant

“When working as HR Director at Edenred (previously Accor Services), I contacted BEO on the recommendation of a peer in the pharmaceutical industry who had spoken wonders about the company. One of my goals was to find the best Partners for each training field, who would provide us with added value, fulfill our expectations and become a trusted Partner. Thanks to BEO, our expectations are now in line with the objectives set.

From the very first meeting BEO understood our learning needs and the internalization of Business English applied to our business perfectly. BEO offered us a customized action plan based on the methodology agreed by both parties, but which allowed enough flexibility to allow us to adapt and change it should any specific circumstance arise. BEO is discerning and demanding, which I believe are essential values if you want your investment to be profitable.

I want to thank Olivia and Anne enormously for their professionalism, responsibility and thoroughness, but above all I want to thank them for their values, which ensure that BEO is and stays a solid company, a standard bearer in its sector and a reliable and long-lasting Partner.”.”

Francisco Javier Galera Britons
Corporate Operations Director.

“I would highlight BEO team’s ability to identify the needs and goals of each student and target the learning process in a pleasant, personalized and effective way. In addition to their methodology, BEO’s own online platform makes a wide range of highly specialized and extremely interesting resources available to students”.

Juan Borja Barrionuevo Charques
Labor Law Legal Services Manager.

“I’ve taken Business English training with BEO for 3 years. It’s not easy to find professional teachers when it comes to English and if we talk about business English, the search is nearly impossible. That’s precisely what you get from BEO, professional teachers with great knowledge in specific business needs. Amazing methods, tailor made classes, interesting conversations and, above all, the feeling of progress with every lesson. The best English experience so far!”

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