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Word of the Week- Proportion


Proportion means part in the sense of how much of something. So, for example ¾ is a 75% proportion. Exports account for a small proportion of total sales but, on the other hand, add significantly to overall profits. International students comprise a growing proportion of the student population. Research shows that an 80% of purchase decisions […]

Expression of the Week- In the near future


10 Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing The CEO is about to step down. It’s going to happen (quite / very) soon. The CEO is going to announce his dismissal in (just) a moment / minute. We will be starting the conference in (just) a few minutes. Any second / minute / day now, […]

Word of the Week 2- Complex & Complexity


If something is complex, it is not simple and that means it can be hard to comprehend. Synonyms: complicated, tangled, elaborate, Gordian, difficult, knotty, tricky. In other words, it is an adjective that describes something composed of many parts and normally takes a long time to study or understand. It can be used in a neutral […]

Powerful Words


10 examples to substitute the verb “To Get” for an Action verb. “We need to get better results this quarter”: Obtain, Achieve, Attain, Reach. “The new Sales Manager needs to get her business cards ASAP”: Receive. “We got some pizzas for the team”: Buy (bought), Purchase (purchased), Order (ordered). “I got an entry-level salary proposal […]

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