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BEO provides services to HR departments, teaming up with Recruitment, Talent and L&D areas to (1) screen candidates in recruitment processes, (2) support internal appraisal and evaluation processes and (3) detect managers’ needs, co-design L&D programs, set metrics and measure results.

Since 2006, we have successfully trained over 3,000 senior and top managers, delivering excellent results for a wide variety of profiles, departments, and industries in multicultural environments.

1. 360º Business English Level Testing

Monitor your company’s employees’ Business English level.

This service facilitates (1) quick and efficient recruitment processes, (2) support in internal evaluation and promotion processes and (3) a precise level of each student’s starting point, before engaging in an L&D process.


1.1 Premium Business English Evaluation

Our Premium Business English Level Test is designed to test out 4 skills, and the final result is calculated as a weighted average derived from the following variables:

• Grammar

• Business and industry-specific vocabulary

• Reading

• Listening comprehension

Our Premium Business English Level Test provides 80% CEFL accuracy equivalent.


1.2 Premium Plus Business English Evaluation

Our Premium Plus Business English level test is designed to test out 5 skills, and the final result is calculated as a weighted average derived from the following variables:

• Grammar

• Business and industry-specific vocabulary

• Reading

• Listening comprehension

• Interview carried out by our Senior Associates.

Our premium Business English level test provides 100% CEFL accuracy equivalent.

Hire assessment of business English

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2. Learning and development

BEO has a unique approach to L&D

BEO has a unique approach to L&D, focused on the business issues that each student faces, and providing a hands-on, pragmatic methodology that improves performance in real time. Our success is due to three core principles:

L&D from an Executive Coaching Perspective

Because the co-founders of BEO are ICF Certified Executive Coaches, we apply case-study methodology with coaching techniques to our L&D processes. In the business world, real experience adds value that no academic approach can match.

BEO is an experience-based learning hub, not an academy. We do not have teachers. We do not sell “courses”. We have a team of over 30 Senior Associates whose main priority is to provide each student with the required communication skills to increase productivity and fluency and to thereby allow them to excel at their job. We believe that the ‘how’ weighs more in a message than the ‘what’. Hence, we believe in promoting the use of powerful and constructive language that is suitable and appropriate for any business world situation or domain. BEO services leading international companies and institutions that operate worldwide and have a need for effective cross-cultural communication proficiency.

Area and Industry-Specific Specialization

BEO’s Senior Associates have an in-depth understanding of the business world and the issues and communication gaps that participants face when working in cross-cultural environments.

BEO broadens each participant’s grammar level, specialized vocabulary, useful expressions, communication tools, effective message structuring, reading and listening comprehension and fluency with the aim of maximizing performance. BEO offers tailored L&D, focused on skills development by area of responsibility and within specific industries, such as Pharmaceutical, Medicine, Infrastructure, Banking and Financial Markets.

Tangible results

BEO works together with each participant, manager and HR department in metric setting, objective alignment and results analysis.

Obtain tangible and measurable results in real time and experience how it impacts your job performance and propels your career development.

Each participant co-designs their course content according to their individual needs.


2.1 Blended Learning

Face-to-face training supported by our E-Learning platform

For all types of companies, Blended Learning combines the best of both worlds: face-to-face training supported by our E-Learning platform; tailored training from a Senior Associate combined with flexible and immediate online added value.

Blended Learning is highly recommended to give support and execution feedback in job-specific areas and tasks in which participants may need help, for example:

• Financial Reporting

• Financial Results Presentations

• Sales Forecasts

• Sales and Marketing Plans

• Process and IT Manuals

• Meeting, Conference Call and Video Conference prepping (verbal and non-verbal communication)

• Corporate ID Manuals

• Presentation elaboration, design and execution, etc.

BEO employs digital support to record all executions and provide added value feedback on the participant’s communication skills proficiency.


2.2 eClass

Tailored Online Learning and Development.

Enter our digital learning space and experience how your teams can benefit from our unique methodology. BEO’s eClass is hands-on, pragmatic, real business world learning in practice. We are successfully delivering results in clear and effective communication skills, because:

• A team of highly experienced Senior Managers developed BEO’s eClass, for Senior Managers or High Potential Managers.

• We offer a modular, 100% adaptable range of L&D products and services, covering the needs of global clients across the world.

• All of our products and services are geared to strengthening clear and effective communication skills to cope with any given business situation with fluency and self-confidence.

• Participants manage their own learning plan and the pace at which they learn.

• Constant support in the elimination of embedded grammatical mistakes, with a non-academic, hands on and focused approach on previously detected areas of improvement. .

With eClass, BEO can tailor individualized, team or division learning plans. Our online catalog contains a very broad assortment of seminars, modules and tools, divided into:

• Industry-specific modules

• Department-specific modules

• Communication Skills (listening, writing, speaking, pronunciation, etc.).

BEO’s eClass provides (1) maximum learning flexibility, (2) maximum control over metrics, (3) real time progress and results observation. Experience how our eClass can directly impact your teams’ job performance.


3. Individual and Team Executive Coaching

BEO also provides individual and team executive coaching processes through our sister brand, CEO, Coaching for Executive Only.

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