Expression of the Week- In the near future


10 Expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing

  1. The CEO is about to step down. It’s going to happen (quite / very) soon.
  2. The CEO is going to announce his dismissal in (just) a moment / minute.
  3. We will be starting the conference in (just) a few minutes.
  4. Any second / minute / day now, the CEO will renounce.
  5. In the short term, we will hire a great C-Level Team.
  6. In the near future, we will need to hire a CFO to ensure finance in under control.
  7. Before long, we’ll hit record sales.
  8. The Christmas break is just around the corner.
  9. Mobile phone technology will have a massive on many industries, including banking as we know it. We will see this happen in our lifetimes.
  10. Watch this space, to get the close details.


How To Use These Phrases in Your English

We use phrase 9 to say that we expect an important change in the world in the mid-term. Phrase 9 comes after a noun or noun phrase.

Phrase 10 is used in media, to point out a future event in the same publication immediately or later on.



We use this expression to say that something is close in time or space.

Additional examples: 

  • A: By when do you think the new platform version will be implemented?
  • B: I think that should happen pretty soon. And also, in the near future, they will be adding a new intranet system to promote work-life balance.


  • A: I can’t believe it’s the Annual General Meeting soon.
  • B: Yes, it’s just around the corner. Some time in February, I think.


Other similar useful expressions we could also use: 

  • Approaching, scheduled, coming up…

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