About us

Specialized in teaching and developing business English

Founded in 2006, BEO has successfully trained more than 3,000 Senior Managers and provided more than 2,500 hours of Executive Coaching. We provide the English required for everyone from technical roles to upper management positions to speak fluently.

At BEO we believe in being committed to serving our clients, integrity, the creation of tangible added value, a pragmatic approach, performance evaluation, innovation and establishing results focused mutually trustworthy relationships.

Increase the productivity of your company’s human resources.


1. Evaluation,

Training and development of the required communications skills to promote professional development. Given current challenges, such as globalization, market concentration and the impact of technology on businesses, BEO is a key partner to learn the language of business: English.

2. Executive coaching

Services in English via ICF (International Coach Federation) certified coaches.

3. Balance

Between academic teaching, corporate training experience and team leadership. The founding partners complement each other. One provides her experience in education and academic teaching, and the other her experience in team management, brands and projects. This combination has been key when choosing staff, syllabus and planning and implementing courses.

We build on your core strengths we polish your ingrained errors, we hone in on areas of improvement and we measure your progress in real-time.


4. International

presence. We have an international presence thanks to eClass, our online learning platform.

5. Team

comprised of ex-director trainers. We work with a team of 22 native speaking Senior Managers with more than 30 years of experience and that are seasoned trainers and directors.

6. Personality

tests and personality style and communication tests. At BEO, we are certified to use various tools such as the MBTI test, the FIRO B test, D.I.S.C Profile, Belbin Team Roles, Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA), 360º Feedback evaluations, Vision Exercises, among others, in order to support Participants to identify their preferences and their personal style of working, social interaction and communication.

7. Constructive

language. We encourage the use of positive language, helping Participants to have confidence in themselves and the fluency to convey their messages effectively, assertively, persuasively and with finesse. We believe that language is action, and in our experience, the “how” weighs more in a message than the “what”. And if the message is not conveyed in our mother tongue, there is ample room for misunderstanding.


We talk the language of our clients and understand the professional challenges of our participants.

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