Powerful Words


10 examples to substitute the verb “To Get” for an Action verb.

  1. “We need to get better results this quarter”: Obtain, Achieve, Attain, Reach.
  2. “The new Sales Manager needs to get her business cards ASAP”: Receive.
  3. “We got some pizzas for the team”: Buy (bought), Purchase (purchased), Order (ordered).
  4. “I got an entry-level salary proposal after the interview”: Receive (received), To be Informed about… (was informed about), To be Offered (was offered).
  5. “I get paid 4k€ net, per month”: Earn, Collect (a salary).
  6. “We got to this point making these assumptions”: Arrive (arrived to), Reach (reached this point), Come up (came up with), Approach (approached).
  7. “We got the Client to sign the contract”: Persuade (persuaded), Sway (swayed), Influence (influenced), Close (closed the contract).
  8. “I did not get what he was saying when he showed us his conclusions”: See, Grasp, Make out, Distinguish, Understand.
  9. “I’ll get the contract done” (to get something done, to execute, to carry out…): Draft, Prepare, Compose, Draw up
  10. “What gets me is how we mishandled the situation”: Concern (concerns), Vex (vexes), Aggravate (aggravates).

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