Added Value

Much more than a standard business English learning service

We may seem like just another language training company, but the ROI obtained by over 3,000 senior managers isn’t simply the result of providing teachers. At BEO we contribute more. Much more.

1. Hands-On Approach

pragmatic, not academic.

BEO stands out from the crowd because we give the same weight to English training as we do management experience. We are a company created by senior managers for senior managers, because we believe there is no room for academic theories in business. We know that every sector, work area and job has its own technical language, which we already know.

Our training focuses all exercises on improving each Participant’s communication skills according to their specific needs. At BEO you set the pace based on your needs and you will quickly notice your achievements.


2. Management Experience

As our core focus

At BEO we understand the role teams of people play in achieving individual, divisional and organizational objectives. Companies need their most precious asset, their people, to have the necessary abilities to face the challenges of the market with professionalism and self-confidence.

Our English courses are aimed at perfecting communication skills for business environments and improving efficiency and persuasion.We have solid training and experience working with top level Senior Managers in Europe, NA (North America), LATAM (Latin America), Middle East and Africa.

We speak our clients’ business language and understand our Participants’ challenges.
We use the best business schools’ learning methods and our materials are focused on improving communication skills and promoting professional.

3. Case


Our trainers combine the Case Method with their knowledge of each Participants’ job. This method ensures an 80% to 90% retention of skills and knowledge from an online course. Our algorithms show us the key vocabulary and concepts each Participant can absorb and retain.

These training techniques – facilitating and mentoring – ensure the acquisition of skills and knowledge which extend the reach of what has been learnt. What do they consist of? In setting challenges and asking questions, mirroring, facilitating the ability to expand vocabulary and encourage the clear, persuasive, subtle and assertive structuring of content.


4. ROI

or measuring success

We know that our clients expect to obtain tangible and immediate results when hiring us. At BEO we work in partnership with our clients and define objectives together. We then co-design a process, which allows us to monitor, follow up, and reach target goals.

In order to monitor performance, or indeed select personnel we have a 360º internal level test, which measures grammar level, business vocabulary and listening and reading comprehension, in accordance with the European framework for languages. Furthermore, we offer a complimentary personal interview (face-to-face or online) to measure and evaluate overall communicational efficacy.

From the very start and having trained over 3,000 senior managers, we can say that all of our Participants have successfully achieved their target goals.

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