Word of the Week 2- Complex & Complexity


If something is complex, it is not simple and that means it can be hard to comprehend. Synonyms: complicated, tangled, elaborate, Gordian, difficult, knotty, tricky.

In other words, it is an adjective that describes something composed of many parts and normally takes a long time to study or understand.

It can be used in a neutral and negative way, but it can also turn something negative into something constructive, that calls to action.

The noun form is complexity. Synonyms: complication, problem, difficulty, twist.

  1. This is a complex question which requires careful consideration.
  2. The complexity of the issue at hand means that we ought to spend a few more hours on identifying its causes and recommending solutions.
  3. Most biologists accept that complex organisms evolved from simple life-forms.
  4. The company is involved in complex negotiations with our trading partners which will take many months to resolve.
  5. The complexity of Gardner’s model of motivation can be seen in the chart below.

Now practice using this word by answering these questions:

  • Is managing your work schedule so complex that you have to set alarms on your smart phone?
  • What is the most complex aspect of the work you are doing?
  • Which aspects of your corporate culture do you find most complex?

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