Word of the Week- Proportion


Proportion means part in the sense of how much of something. So, for example ¾ is a 75% proportion.

  1. Exports account for a small proportion of total sales but, on the other hand, add significantly to overall profits.
  2. International students comprise a growing proportion of the student population.
  3. Research shows that an 80% of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale in the Retail Market. That’s a significant proportion.

Some synonyms for proportion are: part, piece, element, tranche, item, section and portion.

Now practice using this word by answering these questions:

What proportion of a typical day do you spend …

  • ……reading?
  • ….. organizing?
  • …. Answering emails?
  • …. Working with your team?

Do these proportions vary depending on the time of the year? How does seasonality affect your business?

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